Holika Dahan

Thursday, 5 Mar 2015

Come join us as we celebrate the festival of Holi, where we will be hosting a special Holika Dahan.

This day marks the triumph of good over evil, where Prahaladji's devotion overcame his fathers atrocities.


  • Dahan Timings
  • Date
    Thursday, 5th March 2015
  • Time
    7pm - 9pm

Holi colours will be available at the mandir for those who wish to partake in colour throwing. Please dress accordingly.


The significance of Holi


Phalgun Sud Poonam marks the celebration of the Holi Festival. Various aspects of the festival of Holi make it significant to one’s life. It may not be so apparent but analysing it reveals the significance of Holi in more ways than it meets the eyes.

Festivals in Sanatan Dharma are to enjoy and be indulged in Devotion towards the Lord and get closer to Him. Ranging from religious to cultural significances, there is every reason why we must heartily enjoy this holy festival cherishing the reasons for its celebrations.

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How to get here

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