Rangai Jaane Rang Ma

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Immerse yourself in the colour of devotion

A connection with God... Devotion is the connection with God... A connection with God is devotion... Simple right?

The 10th anniversary is inspired by this very simple concept of devotion. All you have to do is simply experience.

Experience what?

One of the simplest ways to connect with God is to be able to remember and listen to His leelas (past times). The leelas of the Lord are plentiful, each of them convey a different message and emotion. There is something for everyone, be it the enchanting tales of the love of Meerabai and the Gopis, the faith of Dhruv and Prahlad, the dedication of Hanumanji and Dada Khachar, the friendship of Sudama, or the maternal love of Bhaktimata and Yashoda, the list goes on. The Harileelamrut poetically recites the pastimes of Shree Hari in such a way to bring out those emotions.

Kings of Kings...

Just like every year, this year too the Abhishek and Rajoupchaar is something to really look forward to...

... Milk, Ghee, Sakar, Honey, Water

The morning of the Abhishekh is a sight to behold. Witnessing the bathing of Ghanshyam whilst devotees chant and sing is a surreal experience that grows year on year. Along with the Abhishek, over the last couple of years something rather unique in the form of a Rajoupchaar is performed to Maharaj. Brahmins, devotees and Saints offer various different services to please the Lord. After all, He is the master of infinite universes.

... Resonating vedic mantras... Scripture recitals... Melodious kirtans... Vibrations of counch shells... Royal Services...

The Rajoupchaar culminates in a shower of colourful flowers, where everyone gets to participate. These are the experiences and memories that remain in the heart forever.

Reliving the Rang Utsav...

Rang Utsavs have been common in India for many years. Not often do we get this chance in the UK. Our scriptures vibrantly describe the Rang Utsavs in the time of Maharaj, this will be a chance to relive that in the presence of our complete Satsang family, including Acharya Maharajshree, Saints and devotees of all ages from around the world.

Come join us to bring out the colours of devotion in your life...

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