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History of the incarnation of Lord Shree Swaminarayan

History of the incarnation of Lord Shree Swaminarayan  
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The event of the incarnation of Lord Shree Swaminarayan is now described in brief. Once the rushis (Sages) like Marichi & others were going to Badarikashram for the holy sight of Lord Shri Nar Narayan. Knowing this, Dharmadev alongwith his wife Bhaktidevi had come there for the holy sight of Lord Shri Nar Narayan. Uddhavji was also sitting there. After having the holy sight. Dharmadev took his seat in the assembly. He was listening to the talk regarding the prevailing condition in Bharatkhand from Shri Nar Narayan rushi which was reported to him by Sages like Marichi & others, alongwith other rushis (Sages) & Uddhav.

At the time Rushi Durvasa came there from mount Kailas for the holy-sight of Shri Narayan Rushi. But he could not be well received by anybody.
Rushi Durvasa, therefore, cursed everybody including Dharmadev. As you have insulted me. You all shall be born as humans in Bharat-Khand & suffer insult & agony from the Asur (evil people). Hearing this Dharmadev pacified Rushi Durvasa very politely by humble words. Rushi Durvasa then clarified to them that he was not aware of the fact that he was not noticed & honoured as they all were engaged in listening the discourses of Shri Narayan Rushi & therefore he had cursed them. He also said that the curse could not be then avoided. However he gave the blessings to Dharmadev. “He & his wife Bhaktidevi will be born as human beings in Brahmin family & Shri Narayan Rushi shall be born to them as their son & he shall free both of them & also the Rushis present there from the curse, & shall protect them all from the trouble of the Asur (evil-persons). Saying so Rushi Durvasa returned to Mount Kailas.  

Shri Narayan Rushi then told everybody including Dharmdev that he was able, if he so desired, to nullify the curse given to them, without any fault on their part, but at present because of the advent of kali yug, Adharm. Immoral situation has spread in Bharat Khand & Asur (eveil persons) have also tremendously increased. Hence he has accepted the curse, which was due to his own will. He also further said to Dharmdev “In the form of your son I shall destroy Asur & Adharm & shall protect them & shall establish Ekantik-dharm. (Religion based on morality, knowledge, non-attachment & devotion) on earth & therefore they should not worry & should be born on earth as humans”. Listening these words Dharmdev & others, after paying respect to Shri Narayan Rushi went towards earth to take birth as human beings.

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