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Daily Pooja Guideines(Male)
Date Added: 13/08/2002
Daily Pooja Guidelines (Males)

Daily pooja means the pooja of our Lord performed everyday. It is the command of Lord Shree Swaminarayan that one should do the pooja everyday in the morning. One must carry one’s pooja along even when one goes out of town. One must not even drink water without doing pooja.

One must follow the ritual of the daily pooja according to the step by step guidelines given ahead.
Note:- One must not talk while doing the pooja. One must do the pooja with the feeling that the Lord is physically present at the place.

1. Pre Preparations

One must awake before sunrise, complete the ablutions and bath, then wear a dhoti and a cloth on the upper body or clean clothes; spread an asan ( sitting-mat) and sit on it facing the east or north. ( The idol of Thakorji should be placed on the altar.)

2. Tilak-Chandalo
First of all one must do the Tilak and kumkum Chandalo in the centre on the forehead. The Tilak-Chandalo is the religious symbol of the Swaminarayan sampraday. It is Shreeji Maharaj’s command that we must do the Tilak-Chandalo.


3. Meditation and Mental Pooja

One must then sit in the Padmasana and meditate that " I am the atman (soul) and am different from the body, indestructible and blissful. Shriji Maharaj and all His Incarnations reside in me." Then one must do the mansi (mental) pooja by waking up the Lord, making Him brush His teeth, bathing Him, making Him wear clothes and making Him sit on the throne. Then one must do the poojan-aarti and meditate on the pooja-darshan..

4. Invocation

One must place the idol of Thakorji on the altar after the meditation. One must then recite the following invocatory mantra with folded hands and pray to God to be present for the pooja.

Utishtothisht hey nath swaminarayan prabho |
Dharmasuno dayasindho swesham shreyha param kuru ||
Agachh bhagwan dev swasthanatparmeshwar |
Aham poojam karishyami sadaa tvam sanmukho bhava ||

5. Mala and Chanting

One must recite the ‘Swaminarayan’ mahamantra while doing the mala (rosary) five or eleven times while sitting before Thakorji. One must take care that the first finger does not touch the mala. One must chant the Swaminarayan’ mantra while turning each bead of the mala.

6. Mala of Penance

One should next do one mala in remembrance of Neelkanthvarni while standing on one leg with both hands raised up high. The mala of penance teaches us the lesson that one should be steady in devotion no matter what adverse circumstances one has to face.

7. Circumambulation (Pradakshina)

One must circumambulate eleven times while doing the mala and chanting the mantra. The lesson of the circumambulation is that God must be kept at the centre in any and every work that one does.

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