Maha Shivratri - Virtual Poojan

Thursday, 11 Mar 2021

This year it falls on Thursday 11th March. On this auspicious occasion, we will be hosting a virtual Shiv Poojan.

Items available in samagri pack

Abil Gulal Chandan Kanku Nadachadi Sopari

Items Required for Pujan

Shivji murti Ganapati murti Bili Patra/Flower petals Rice
Aarti Thali Kapoor Devi Agarbatti
Fruit for offering Water Abil Gulal
Chandan Kanku Nadachadi Sopari
Panchamrut (Dahi - Yogurt, Dudh - Milk, Ghee, Madh - Honey, Grounded Sakar)
  • Poojan Time: 7.30pm Virtual-only
  • Please note For those that do not have Pooja samagri, mandir will be able to send you the samagri pack consisting of Kumkum, Abil, Gulal, Chandan, Sopari and Nada Chedi by post or you are able to pick up from mandir. If you require fill in the online application form before 9th March 2021.


Poojan Samagri Form

Samagri form closed.

Greatness of Maha Shivratri

Once a very poor Bhil; Gurudruha was unable to hunt any animal for food to feed his family. He sanf (Bilva Patra) tree nearby with the motive of hunting down an animal which may come to quench its thirst.

Coincidentally this was the auspicious day of Shivaratri and he was unaware of a Shivlinga established under that tree. After the first three hours of the night passed, he saw a female deer arriving with her fawns. In getting ready to aim at his prey the sudden movements made some bel-leaves fall on the Shivalinga along with some drops of water from his water vessel. Thus, in this way Gurudruha unwittingly accomplished the worship of Shiva in this time.

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