Holika Dahan - Cancelled

Monday, 9 Mar 2020


Taking into consideration the current outbreak of the Coronavirus in the UK and around the World, Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Stanmore would like to inform you that in the interest of the health and wellbeing of our devotees and public safety – particularly the elderly and vulnerable.

We have decided to cancel the Holi event.

The Mandir will remain open for Darshan as normal until further notice.

Jale Vishnu Sthale Vishnu

A child’s innocence can be very endearing, such was the innocence of Pralhad who was devoted to Lord Shree Hari from birth due to the grace of his spiritual master Naradji.

Constantly chanting the name of the lord Pralhad quickly began to experience the presence of the Lord in everything:
“Jale Vishnu, Sthale Vishnu, Vishnu Parvatmastake
Jwalmalakule Vishnu, Sarv Vishnumayam Jagat!!”
Vishnu is in water, in earth, Vishnu is on the mountain top as well.
Vishnu is present in raging fires, the same way, He is present in the whole Universe..

Hiranyakashpu the father of Pralhad was one of the prominent adversaries of the Lord and did not take lightly to his son’s devotion to his sworn enemy. Such was Hiranyakashpu’s hatred for the Lord that he was ready kill his own son. He went to such extremes that he got pralhad thrown off the top of a mountain, thrown into the ocean in the hope he would drown. On every occasion the Lord himself saved Pralhad, such was his faith unto the Lord.
The advent of Holi originates from another occasion when the sister(Holika) of Hiranyakashpu tried to kill Pralhad. She was endowed with a special garment that enabled her to withstand heat and fire. In her rage and arrogance she took Pralhad on to her lap and sat on top of a raging fire, in the hope he would perish in its heat. Due to the wish of the Lord the garment fell on top of Pralhad and created a layer of protection for him, however the wicked Holika was burned to ashes. Come burn away your inner enemies in the fire of Holi….

The significance of Holi


Phalgun Sud Poonam marks the celebration of the Holi Festival. Various aspects of the festival of Holi make it significant to one’s life. It may not be so apparent but analysing it reveals the significance of Holi in more ways than it meets the eyes.

Festivals in Sanatan Dharma are to enjoy and be indulged in Devotion towards the Lord and get closer to Him. Ranging from religious to cultural significances, there is every reason why we must heartily enjoy this holy festival cherishing the reasons for its celebrations.

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