International Seva Day 1st & 8th

Sunday, 1 Oct 2017 Sunday, 8 Oct 2017

At Dharma Bhakti Manor, Seva Day is an opportunity to give back to not only the community but, each other. Join us this year to take part in various seva activities in the temple and the local parklands surrounding it, it will be held in 2 sessions on 1st and 8th October

Seva activities include weeding, cleaning and construction to name a few.

Seva Day 2013

Get involved in: weeding, gardening, painting, construction, cleaning the forest, rubbish collection and plenty of activities for kids!

  • Sunday 1st & 8th October
    9am - 4.30pm
  • Prasad will be provided

In association with

Sewa Day Shree Swaminarayan Satsang

Please remember to wear appropriate clothing and foot wear.

Value of Seva

Seva, the act of selflessly giving, is an integral part of Hindu tradition and culture. It teaches us to be humble and grateful for the things we have by allowing us to give back to the society that we have been brought up in.

Of the nine types of Bhakti, seva is the most accessible, as it can be done by all ages. By means of seva, we can become closer to God.

Tree planting

In addition to the regular Seva Day activities, this year we have provided the opportunity to plant trees in the woodlands within the temple grounds.

Over the years at Dharma Bhakti Manor, we have tried to make the temple grounds a place where wildife can flourish and the planting of trees allows the habitat of wildlife to expand. We also encourage planting trees, as it can help bring about a beautiful and serene environment in the surrounding area so that it can enjoyed by all devotees.

Sponsor a tree

If you would like to sponsor a tree, please contact the temple.