Vachan Vidhi Katha

Monday, 3 Nov 2014 Sunday, 9 Nov 2014

This November, the female devotees at the temple have organised a special recital of the scripture, 'Vachan Vidhi' from Nishkulanand Kavya by revered saints from Bhuj Mandir. Come join us and gain the divine spiritual knowledge and transcendental bliss this scripture has to offer.

This event will be broadcasted live during katha times mentioned.

Katha Itinerary

Sunday 2nd Pothi Yatra
Monday 3rd Katha commences
Saturday 8th Raas utsav
Sunday 9th Katha ends
Mahaprashad served at lunch

Katha Timings

Every morning 9am - 10.30am
Weekday evenings 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Saturday evening 5pm - 7.30pm

Vachan Vidhi What does it entail?

This Scripture has Fifty Two (52) Stanzas and Thirteen (13) Verses.

Vachan means commandments of the Lord and Vidhi means testament.

One can attain closeness to Purushottam Narayan through various devotional practices. Dharma (Righteous Codes of Conducts) is an important aspect of these practices. Dharma refers to the commandments of the Lord that are followed by His devotees leading them on the righteous path.

The Vachan Vidhi Scripture covers four main aspects:

  1. The merits of abiding by the righteous codes of conducts
  2. The demerits of non-abidance of the above
  3. Ways of strengthening one's will-power in abiding by these conducts
  4. Shunning those who blaspheme these conducts

Sadguru Nishkulanand Swami has described these simple terms and with effective examples.